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A geothermal plant is only as good as its energy reservoir beneath it.

For over two decades we’ve been developing geothermal reservoirs under the most challenging conditions.

Geothermeon at a glance

Enabling Geothermal Power Production

Geothermeon develops geothermal projects from greenfield to a proven energy reserve. By providing the subsurface reservoir, the heart of every geothermal plant, we enable market newcomers like utilities, IPPs, communities and investors to benefit from the earth’s largest energy source.

Focus on the Reservoir

The economics of a geothermal plant are almost entirely determined by the quality of the reservoir. A well-developed reservoir generates a high yield over decades. That’s why we focus on this most important part of the value chain, and why we consider ourselves as veritable “value creators”. We only do what we can do well. And if we can’t do it well, we know the specialists to call in.

Partners, not Consultants

We are entrepreneurs and we believe in strong partnerships rather than in consultant relationships. We like sharing profit – but we also share the risks. Therefore we are always aligned with the interests of our partners and customers. Geothermeon is a technology partner, a business developer and a co-investor at the same time.

Technology Leadership

Our people have learned their business in the field, not at the desk. In more than 30 projects in 20 countries we gained experience in a large variety of geological settings. We work at the cutting edge of reservoir technologies and we advance the methods and concepts continuously.

Engineering vs. Searching

We don’t abide by the searching approach of our industry. Instead of chasing after exceptional geological anomalies we use our reservoir engineering expertise to reduce exploration risks as far as possible. By pursuing a sophisticated engineering approach we make geothermal energy available where it is needed.

1 + 1 = 3

Unlike engineering firms, we always look at the projects from an investor’s perspective. Our owner-operator mindset combines the technical know-how with a profound understanding of the economic aspects. We are always targeted at developing a rewarding business, not just a project.

8 reasons for geothermal


geothermal plants are self-sustaining decentralized energy systems; no imports or transports required; no dependencies on fuel markets


basically free of emissions; small footprint on the landscape; low hazard potential



Base-load power, constantly available 24/7; no storage solutions required


operation costs are very low because geothermal plants have their own “fuel tank” beneath


geothermal energy can be used for (i) electricity production, (ii) heating and cooling, (iii) greenhouses, or (iv) seawater desalination.


the heat stored in the earth equals the world’s total energy consumption for 30 million years; properly managed reservoirs basically last forever


geothermal is based on proven technologies; geothermal plants have been operated for more than 100 years worldwide


geothermal plants can be scaled from 0.1 MW to several 100 MW; some fields produce even more than 1,000 MW of electricity

The Quantum Leap
Reservoir model

Microseismic image of the EGS reservoir at Soultz-sous-Forets (copyright Q-con GmbH)

Application of advanced technologies in the context of geothermal reservoirs is referred to as Enhanced, or better Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS). This new generation of geothermal reservoirs is a quantum leap for the industry and increases the geothermal potential by many orders of magnitude.

In non-volcanic regions, such as Central Europe, conventional hydrothermal resources are limited and usually feature temperatures of 100°C to 150°C, at the most. EGS Technology allows tapping into deeper, hence hotter resources and thereby improves the economics significantly.

Increasing the production temperature from 120°C to 240°C yields 6x more power output!

EGS technology has been researched over the last 40 years and is a consequent application of mature and existing know-how and equipment. Compared to the efforts made by the oil & gas industry to squeeze the last fossil fuels out of the ground, the concepts of EGS appear almost trivial.

Geothermeon’s team holds the most comprehensive EGS track record worldwide, with major contributions in the flagship projects of France and Australia. We have learned from four decades of EGS development and we have drawn the conclusions.

Current Activities

We are currently exploring and preparing new geothermal projects in Germany, Spain/Canary Islands, and Turkey. Furthermore, we are prospecting for promising projects in other parts of the EMEA region and in Latin America.